Council meeting tension

STRONG opinions and comments were made by some councillors at the full council meeting of Skegness Town Council held last Wednesday, November 2.

As councillors went through the agenda items, some councillors felt that they didn’t have the full information behind previous items from other working groups and committees to enable them to vote during the meeting.

After the meeting, Town Clerk, Steve Larner, said: “There were some strongly held views.

“Council is the place where councillors can put forward their case and ideas - sometimes very passionately.

“Once everyone’s point of view has been heard, the council will decide how it wants to proceed. There are rules in place to govern how meetings are run and how debate should be conducted.

“At some points in the meeting these were being tested, but council did get through its business and made the decisions required to move forward.

“The mayor, committee, chairmen and I will be reviewing ways in which we can ensure that all meetings are as constructive and productive as possible.”

Warnings were also made to the councillors by the deputy mayor about using a recess to calm the meeting at points.