Could Jolly be our next MP?

Jolly Fisherman.
Jolly Fisherman.

The iconic Jolly Fisherman has sensationally decided to stand as a candidate for Parliament, we can exclusively reveal.

The larger-than-life character is today set to announce he is to put his fisherman’s hat into the ring - to be the next MP for Skegness and Boston.

The Standard understands Jolly will be standing under the ‘So Bracing’ banner 
for the General Election on May 7.

He is said to be formulating a number of key policies, not least tourism - after all, he has been promoting the resort for more than 100 years.

According to a leaked email, seen by the paper he wants to put forward an official motion to rename the resort ‘SkegVegas’.

The email reads: “This is what people most commonly call Skeggy now, so why not run with it? I’d certainly go somewhere that had Vegas in the name.”

Export is also said to be high up on the would-be politician’s agenda.

A further excerpt from the email reads: “We have fabulous sea air - surely we can bottle that and look to export it to somewhere less fortunate than ourselves? We have an endless supply’ - we just need to find a firm to supply the bottles, we’d need a lot!”

At the grand age of 107, if elected, Jolly would be the oldest MP in the 

It is not yet clear if the ‘So Bracing’ party will be looking to put further candidates forward from other 

When approached by The Standard for a comment, Jolly simply said: “Who would be foolish enough to believe such a story - especially today, April 1, of all days.”