Coastal caravan site consultation starts

EAST Lindsey District Council is set to look at ways of working around planning rules which prevent caravan sites from being built on flood risk areas - amid hopes that it will help to boost the area’s regeneration.

Those wishing to build small touring caravan sites within the coast’s flood risk areas look set to benefit after East Lindsey began consultation over a planning policy document, written to help those looking to develop such sites.

The moves comes after the district council was forced to reject a number of planning applications in recent years as they conflicted with existing government planning policy.

Portfolio Holder for Planning, Coun Craig Leyland, explained: “Clearly, flood risk is a major issue for us on the coast but that should not stop regeneration.

“We need to encourage and facilitate investment, whilst protecting our communities, and this is at the heart of our approach to planning.”

When submitting planning applications for small touring caravan sites in areas of flood risk, government policy says that developers must be able to demonstrate that the application submitted has wider community benefits that outweigh the flood risk issue.

The proposed policy, which is now out to consultation, states that sustainable benefit can be satisfied by a developer making a contribution to the local area.

And it suggests that the best way to fulfil this planning requirement is for developers to help fund local services by making a financial contribution through the respective town or parish council, if the application is approved.

The full consultation document is available to view on East Lindsey District Council’s website at with consultation ending on September 2, 2011.

Responses can also be made in writing to Anne Shorland, the Planning Policy and Housing Strategy Manager at East Lindsey District Council, Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8UP.