Chapel council has “no confidence” in ELDC after caravan site expansions row

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Chapel St Leonards Parish Council has passed a vote of “no confidence” in East Lindsey District Council as the local planning authority after concerns over caravan site expansions were “consistently ignored”.

This week’s vote came after the parish council’s comments on a number of planning matters were “ignored by the district council”.

In a statement today (Wednesday) the parish council added that the final straw came with the decision to grant permission for the siting of 83 touring caravans and 204 static caravans at the Golden Palm resort in Chapel St Leonards, despite the parish’s concerns at the “detrimental impact” upon the infrastructure of the community.

The application, which was an amendment to a previously considered application, was granted by the district council but subject to an agreement made under section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act.

“Such agreements usually provide financial compensation to the community, but in this case, the agreement only allowed residents of Chapel St Leonards to pay to use the swimming pool at Golden Palm, or to purchase discounted season tickets to the resort,” said a spokesperson for the council.

In proposing the vote of no confidence, the chairman of Chapel St Leonards Parish Council, Coun Patrick Naughton, said: “East Lindsey District Council has consistently ignored the concerns of the parish council, expressed on behalf of the community on a number of significant planning issues. This is just the latest example.

“There was a strong public voice about the proliferation of caravans in Chapel and the impact this will have upon our infrastructure.

“At the very least, section 106 should have been used to generate funding to improve that infrastructure.”

Councillor Naughton went on to clarify that the parish council had no argument with Golden Palm resort itself.

“Businesses are entitled to expand and I would support that,” he continued.

“But as the local planning authority, East Lindsey should listen to our concerns as the representatives of the local people and work with us to get the best for the community as a whole. But they don’t listen and ride rough-shod over any concerns we raise.”

East Lindsey District Council is the local planning authority for the area and is required to consult the town and parish councils on planning applications submitted in their area.