Campaigner weighs in on parking ban row

Overnight parking campaigner Andy Strangeway.
Overnight parking campaigner Andy Strangeway.

A campaigner opposed to bans on overnight parking has weighed in on the issue in the Skegness area.

Andy Strangeway, from the East Riding of Yorkshire, has spoken out against the byelaw introduced by Lincolnshire County Council for a number of its sites.

This includes Huttoft Car Terrace, in Sandilands, where the council earlier this year said it was warning 
people who breached the 
ban of possible court 

Other sites covered by the byelaw include Anderby Creek, Skengess, and Wolla Bank and Chapel Six Marsh, in Chapel St Leonards.

Mr Strangeway said the byelaw did not resolve the issue seemingly at the heart of residents’ concerns, that of, excess litter.

An overnight parking ban, he said, would not stop littering during the day.

“How banning overnight parking can deal with excess litter is beyond me,” he said.

He described it as a ‘failed solution’ and pointed the finger of blame at the council for not doing enough to keep the area tidy.

He said: “They have failed in their duty.”

Steve Willis, chief operating officer for development services at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The byelaws were introduced following the correct legal process.

“The council undertook a consultation prior to requesting provisional approval of the byelaws. The draft byelaws and supporting evidence was sent to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

“This was duly considered by the DCLG and provisional approval of the byelaws was granted.”

He added that the council announced via the local press it intended to introduce the byelaws.

He continued: “No objections were received. The byelaws were confirmed by the Secretary of State. The byelaws have therefore been introduced following the correct legal process and are therefore lawful and enforceable.”