Call to caravan dwellers over council tax


Anyone using a caravan as their main home are being reminded they must register for council tax or find themselves falling foul of the law.

The call has come from East Lindsey District Council (ELDC), the body responsible for the bills in the Skegness area.

The authority has been working with caravan park owners in Lincolnshire to identify residents who use a caravan as their main home, but who are not currently paying council tax.

These residents may also not have proper access to GP services or be claiming benefits to which they are entitled.

Portfolio holder for finance, Coun John Upsall at East Lindsey District Council, said: “It is only right that people living in East Lindsey should pay their fair share of council tax to support the huge range of local services provided by councils and the police that they have access to.

“We are identifying and encouraging people using caravans as their main residence to voluntarily come forward and register for council tax, therefore easing the tax burden on everyone else.

“It is not fair that other residents pick up the tab for those who are not paying their way when they should be. So far this work has been well supported by, not all, but most caravan site owners.”

So far, about 500 caravan owners have been identified as using their caravan as their sole or main residence, potentially representing around £500,000 each year in council tax.

This work also gives local authorities and emergency services a better idea on flood risk and provides people who were previously living ‘under the radar’ the confidence to register with other valuable public services such as GPs. Those on a low income may also be eligible for council tax support.

To register, email mobile or call 0845 450 1264.