Bedroom tax is ‘morally wrong’ says Skegness councillor

A Skegness councillor has spoken of his fury regarding tax on spare bedrooms and thinks something should be done to protect the most vulnerable.

Councillor Steve Kirk voiced his concerns over what has been dubbed as ‘bedroom tax’ which came into play as of April 1 during the annual meeting of Skegness Town Council, last Wednesday.

He claimed people were asking their RSL (Registered Social Landlords) to downsize to smaller property to avoid the tax on the spare room but were knocked back because there wasn’t another property available.

Coun Kirk also said rents should be lowered if another property wasn’t available, he thought it wasn’t morally right to expect people to pay it.

He said: “RSLs don’t seem to care. We as a council should write to the ministers.”

Jack Whyman for New Linx Housing said: “Unfortunately there may not be smaller properties available in the areas required by residents, which is not something that can easily be remedied.

“For example, we are providing advice to our tenants and we are giving priority to those affected when allocating smaller properties where they are available.

“At the same time, we have a responsibility to use our income from rents to provide services to our tenants and help build new properties for the many families on the waiting list.

“Reducing our income from rents would impair our ability to provide services, as well as our ability to invest in building new properties.”

Mayor Coun Mark Anderson agreed that it should be debated at full council.