Allotment hopefuls to look elsewhere?

ALLOTMENT applicants in Skegness could be recommended to look elsewhere, as an alternative to expanding the current site.

Coun Mark Smith reported on his task and finish group’s progress investigating how to meet the town’s allotments requirements at last Wednesday’s direction and strategy committee meeting.

Currently there are 10 allotment applicants on a waiting list, which prompted the council to investigate whether additional land was required.

Coun Smith explained several sites had been disregarded as unsuitable but another area near Warth Lane could be considered.

However, as alternative gardening plots are available at Church Farm Village and through New Linx Homes in Winthorpe, councillors felt those on the waiting list could satisfy their gardening inclinations at those sites instead.

A recent visit to the allotments also revealed that a number of sites appeared neglected, which could be rented to new applicants if the current tenants agreed to end their agreement.