Alford raises £15k for troops

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GENEROUS Alford residents and visitors have helped to raise over £15,000 for the UK’s injured troops in only half a year.

The phenomenal figure was raised through the takings at Lincolnshire Troop Support’s charity shop in the town.

A spokesperson said: “The Alford Community, both residents and visitors, are enthusiastically supporting our injured troops.

“Since opening our first charity shop in August last year we have already had to move to larger premises and only recently had to add even more space to cater for the growing amount of items donated, thanks to the generosity of the Alfordians.

“Located opposite the Town Post Office and Manor House, we have now taken over the old sorting office behind the Post Office to cater for the larger items of furniture, etc,” they added.

Derek and Lesley Birbeck, who run the shops, take pride in the fact that 100% of all moneys collected go to help the troops. There are no paid posts, the only expenses are those necessary such as rent, etc.

Supporting them is the nearby local NISA Kwik E Mart shop. When customers buy many of their products from this busy little supermarket they know that a small proportion will be donated to Lincolnshire Troop Support.

Local Manager, Mike Cooper, said he was proud to be able to support the troops in this way and that his local customers were keen to make their contribution.

Lincolnshire Troop Support raises funds for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where injured troops are treated. As well as raising over £15,000 in Alford in the past six months it had also raised nearly £2,000 at various fundraising events in Hogsthorpe and Boston. Tuesdays and Fridays are the busiest times for Derek and Lesley’s team, when Alford is crowded with market-day visitors.