Alford and Sutton’s county council ward goes to Lincolnshire Independent Steve Palmer

Alford and Sutton's news county council ward holder Steve Palmer.
Alford and Sutton's news county council ward holder Steve Palmer.

Alford and Sutton’s Lincolnshire County Council seat transferred from Conservative to Lincolnshire Independent rule at last night’s local election.

Coun Steve Palmer won a closely fought battle against the incumbent ward-holder Graham Marsh with just 59 votes separating it on the night.

Coun Palmer, who based much of his campaign on bringing an end to ‘tribal party politics’ which he claimed dominated the county council, has thanked his electorate for placing their trust in him.

Speaking after his victory at the Louth Meridian Centre last night, he said: “I would like to say a big thank you to all those who voted for me and for the hard work put in by my wife who has supported me right the way through.

“I would also like to congratulate the voters of Alford and Sutton and the villages in between for taking the message that local politics should not be a national issue.”

Outlining his initial priorities as a county councillor, Coun Palmer said he would be focusing on improving the region’s roads, which he said his electorate was ‘appalled’ by, retaining libraries as ‘vitally important’ community hubs and ensuring social housing was prioritised for local people.


1: Steve Palmer, Lincolnshire Independents, (872).

2: Graham Marsh, Conservative, (813).

3: Luke Thompson, UKIP, (498).

4: Fiona Brown, Labour, (301)

Turnout: 34 per cent.