AGM marks “momentous year”

A “MOMENTOUS” year for local Conservatives was reported to the annual meeting of the party’s Skegness branch at the Vine Hotel on Thursday night.

Outgoing chairman Coun Colin Davie said the local government elections in 2011 had been “hugely successful” for the party.

For the first time in many years Skegness Town Council had a Conservative majority. He added that East Lindsey District Council was now Conservative led, owing to the fact that Skegness had returned six Conservative district councillors. The party had also won the seats in Wainfleet and Friskney and Burgh and Croft.

Looking forward to the 2013 county council elections, Coun Davie said: “The elections should be fought on the good we have done at county, district and town level and the opportunities that exist because of the fact we are in government nationally.”

A new face among the branch’s officers is Michelle Martin, who was elected as deputy chairman for membership and fundraising. She will be leading the branch’s fund-raising efforts.

The following were elected for the coming year - president, Mairi Perry; chairman, John Cowpe; deputy chairman (policy and campaigning), Coun Steve O’Dare; deputy chairman (membership and fundraising), Michelle Martin; treasurer, Coun Ken Milner; secretary, Coun Dick Edginton; hon auditor, Michael May; executive council representatives, John Cowpe and Coun Ken Milner.

Branch committee, the officers listed above, plus Deborah Milner, Coun John Byford, Theresa Walker, Coun Neil Cooper, Coun Mark Smith, Paul Jackson, Coun Steve Kirk, Coun Pauline Cooper, Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke, Coun Jeff Hames, Coun Tina Mellors; Coun Carl Macey, Coun Kevin Smith, Coun John Upsall, Coun Sid Dennis, Anne May and Gail May.