‘A-boards’ issue for town

High Street, Skegness is just one of the streets which can get congested with traffic, A-Boards and pedestrians.
High Street, Skegness is just one of the streets which can get congested with traffic, A-Boards and pedestrians.

A mobility scooter user has urged the authorities to do something about the growing number of advertising boards for business which encroach into paths in Skegness with potential to cause an accident.

Skegness resident Paul Marshal spoke during the full council meeting of Skegness Town Council last Wednesday, to highlight the mass of ‘A-boards’, which ‘anger’ pedestrians and are ‘difficult’ to pass.

Mr Marshall highlighted very busy areas which were suffering, suggesting North Parade and pavements in Grand Parade, where he claimed boards were right to the edge of the pavement, and made it very ‘narrow’ for people to pass.

“One child could step out. There will be a serious accident,” he said.

He also commented that cyclists weaved in and out of the boards and it was a major health and safety issue.

Councillor Carl Macey said that businesses use A-boards and confirmed there were other streets that also used ‘pavement furniture’.

“It makes it difficult for pushchairs but I fully support business advertising,” he said.

Inspector Andy Morrice, Community Policing Inspector for Skegness said they had been liaising with Lincolnshire County Council as staff had received abuse when trying to enforce the issues on the boards

“Police will reinforce this and we support this,” he said.

But Coun Neil Cooper said that there had been problems with white lines which were laid some time ago to provide a guideline, saying that if someone fell over the board the ‘shopkeeper and LCC’ could be liable so lines were recommended to be etched off.

Coun Copper referred to the problem in High Street, He said it was in a ‘terrible state’ and he warned that not only pedestrians would struggle to get down there but also the fire brigade and police.

He admitted that it was a fine line between advertising and health safety with the boards.

Insp Morrice confirmed that the police want to tackle the issue with LCC but had no dates.

Mayor of Skegness Jim Carpenter said the council should write to both East Lindsey District Council and LCC to gain clarification on guidelines.

But Coun George Saxon stated that were anomalies in the issue and Coun Ken Miller said there had been an issue ever since A-boards were invented.