£3,100 awarded to groups in Skegness, Friskney, Chapel St Leonards, Anderby and Mumby in East Lindsey District Council community grant scheme

Local community groups have received over £3,100 in the latest councillor community initiative grants to be announced by East Lindsey District Council.

In total more than £7,600 has been awarded to groups and organisations around the district, with almost half of that money set to be distributed among seven groups in the Standard’s area.

In Skegness Coun Steve O’Dare has given £778 to the Seathorne Community Library Fund to equip the library with new furnishings, while Coun Dick Edginton has given £930 to the Girls Friendly Society Platform to contribute towards the costs of training courses, kitchen equipment and a copier/printer.

Over in Friskney, Coun Kevin Smith has given £400 to Friskney Bowmen for the purchase of archery targets for juniors, and he has also given £400 to Friskney Football Club to provide first aid insurance cover, public liability cover, trophies and referees for a six-a-side tournament.

In Chapel St Leonards Coun Hazel Newcombe has given £225 to the Chapel St Leonards Tuesday Club to purchase new board games, office stationary and a Kindle.

Coun Phil Leivers, meanwhile, has given £275 to Anderby Parish Council for the purchase of metal storage cabinets.

And in the Willoughby/Sloothby ward Coun Angie Smith has given £125 to the Mumby Community Group to site and fix two benches in Mumby churchyard.

The awards come just one week after £5,200 was also awarded to local groups through the grant scheme.