Police respond to travellers’ arrival in town

Police news.
Police news.

Police sought to reassure Skegness residents this week that plans are in place to manage the arrival of travellers to the town.

A statement said that Lincolnshire Police are working with East Lindsey District Council to adopt a ‘balanced and proportionate approach’ to the number of visitors, and locations where they are situated.

Insp Terry Ball said: “I have been asked about the use of Section 61 powers to demand that the travellers move. This is not as simple as it may seem and before a police officer can utilise these powers, significant and stringent facts have to be present. In this instance this is not the case and we are working closely with partner agencies to seek a positive outcome for all concerned, including the communities, businesses and the travellers themselves.

“We are tasking our resources to engage with everyone concerned and dealing with every incident reported to us within the confines of the law. The issue regarding the habitation of car parks is emotive and lies with the local authority, however we are liaising with senior ELDC officers to seek a resolution.”

Anyone with concerns should call 101 and ask for Sgt Geoff Harrison.

East Lindsey District Council is currently taking legal action against travellers occupying North Parade Car Park.

The council is securing a court date to seek a possession order requiring the travellers to leave.

At the same time it is planning High Court action against those in breach of an existing injunction that have been on the car park four hours after being requested to leave.

Moves are also being made to install height restriction barriers limiting entry to foreshore car parks.

This change to the Car Parking Order takes three to four months and involves a public consultation.