Police launch new crime alert scheme

LINCOLNSHIRE have launched a new crime alerts scheme designed to keep residents informed of any incidents in their local area.

The force has promised that the new Lincs Alert system will keep residents “up to date with what’s going on in their area”, while also allowing people “to feed in the issues of concern to them.”

Insp Philip Baker is in charge of setting up the free scheme and has urged residents to sign up.

“All we need is a few moments of your time to fill in some brief details and you will then be all set to receive information that will help keep you and your neighbours safe.

“What’s more you will be able to feed in any information that you might have previously thought was too trivial or not worth reporting to the police.

“Knowledge is power and if there is the potential that criminals are operating in your area, we want to know as much as you do.

“We see this as very much a two way communication tool that both the police, and those we serve, can benefit from,” he added.

Lincs Alert is free and simple to join by visiting www.lincsalert.co.uk and clicking the ‘register now’ button or by calling the Watchline Administrator on 01522 558399.

The Force said that the new system will be confidential and secure.

It will allow people to receive alerts by email, phone or text at times to suit, as well as crime reduction and community safety advice.

Other benefits include the ability to report information direct to a local Neighbourhood Policing Team, and the chance to receive feedback and updates about the reports you, and others in your area have made.