Police appeal for bear knitters

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The Lincolnshire Police Community Safety Department have issued an appeal to knitters to knit them some bears.

They ask if there are any knitting clubs or individuals that would be willing to become part of their volunteer base to enable them to knit an annual supply of 500 bears - ideally for the next intake, required September 2014.

The ‘Angel Bear’ charity, that had a network of knitters who previously made the bears has ceased to be in existence, leaving the police without a valued supply of free bears.

The bears fulfil a much valued function and are used primarily with two initiatives in mind.

These are with the Junior Police Cadet School Officer Scheme, which runs in 77 schools across the county; whereby children act as ambassadors for Lincolnshire Police in the delivery of crime reduction and community safety advice to fellow pupils and parents.

One of the most popular elements of this scheme are the ‘Angel Bears’, that the nominated children are allowed to allocate to fellow pupils for either good work or if they are feeling poorly or sad.

The second scheme for the use of the knitted bears is for ‘assistance bears’ to road traffic


These bears are used to console children involved in accidents until emergency services can deal with the situation and they help to keep children calm in what is sometimes a frightening experience.

Lincolnshire police have published suggested patterns on their official webpage at

http://lincs.police.uk/News-Centre/News-Releases-2013/Appeal-for-bear-knitters.html and all the available patterns are pitched at the easy knit level.

However, One of the unique characteristics of the bears is that the children absolutely love the fact that they come in many different shapes and sizes, so knitters need not be afraid to design their own patterns. Ideally, bears should be stuffed as well.

Completed bears should be sent to Gill Finn, (01522 558146) Community Safety Officer, Lincolnshire Police Headquarters, Nettleham, Lincoln LN2 2LT.

Or alternatively, to save on postage, simply hand in to your local police station marked for the attention of Gill Finn and the bears will be stored until needed at Lincolnshire Police HQ.