Police and Town Council discuss traveller issues


At the Skegness Town Council meeting on Wednesday, February 5, Lincolnshire Police Inspector, Andy Morrice, asked the Town Council what advice they would like to offer in terms of travellers visiting the town.

Inspector Morrice explained that, as yet, the police have “no intelligence”, that any traveller groups are intending to visit Skegness, but that they should be prepared for their arrival.

Councillor Anderson said: “There are a number or traveller settlement camps in East Lindsey”, and asked if he had contacted East Lindsey District Council for more information.

Clarifying his awareness of such sites, Inspector Morrice said: “The Problem is they just descend on South Parade Car Park.”

Councillor Edginton said: “We do quite clearly need a dialogue [with police] on this. However, we need to welcome all groups.”

Councillor Cooper was concerned that the council may be seen as “excluding certain communities”, and said: “If we’re going to have a discussion, we all need to understand the constraints within the law.”

Councillor Sid Dennis suggested erecting a height barrier on the car parks. “If they can’t get on, they can’t get on, he said.

Inspector Morrice explained that, any locks on gates could be easily cropped and although they could arrest the individuals cropping the locks, this would then not help him “throw them off the site”.

“There is no way we can secure every field and car park”, he added.

A further discussion on the issue was noted for a future Town Council meeting.