Police and council unite to drive out crime in Skegness

The photograph of an addict in Tower Gardens that shocked residents. ANL-191002-080756001
The photograph of an addict in Tower Gardens that shocked residents. ANL-191002-080756001

Skegness councillors are to be trained by police on how to spot crime as part of a new united initiative to drive down incidents in the town,

The Town Council is seeking to work with the police as it prepares for the asset transfer of Tower Gardens from East Lindsey District Council.

In the past, Tower Gardens has attracted anti-social behaviour and drug addicts, and councillors want to ensure that when they are resposible for the public space it is safe and secure for the families who use it.

Working with the police is part of the strategy, explained Town Clerk Steve Larner at Wednesday’s full council meeting.

“Tower Gardens is generally a safe place, but as with any area, occasionally there can be anti-social behaviour and/or crime,” Mr Larner said.

“Social media comments have in recent times increased perception of crime and bad behaviour.

“Part of any approach will be to tackle perceptions and the fear of crime, and help people be confident to use the gardens.

“This will be achieved to some extent by providing a permanent presence with the community building.

“During discussions with the police it became apparent that there are also wider opportunities for council staff to spot issues and problems and be able to report these back to police by intelligence sharing.”

Proposals include:

l Staff in the gardens to wear body-worn CCTV.

l A data sharing protocol be established with the police.

l Investigate the Tower Gardens becoming part of a Shop Watch Group

l Accept training by police on how to spot crime

l Consider the positioning of CCTV cameras

l Support future police community event in Tower Gardens

There are not expected to be any additional costs as a result of the proposals.

Coast Insp Matt Benison said the police welcomed the new initiative.

He said: “I am really pleased that we are able to work in partnership with the council to ensure that Skegness, and particularly our popular tourist areas, remain safe and pleasant places for both residents and visitors to 

“I think we have a real opportunity to work together to improve our services to the public.”