Play park proposals are put on hold

PLAY park proposals have been put on hold while Spilsby Town Council considers the financial implications of buying two items of new equipment.

Coun Trevor Beaumont proposed the purchase of a double slide, a carousel and safety matting, costing £11,659 at the council’s latest meeting on Thursday.

Despite securing a £5,000 grant from East Lindsey District Council to carry out the works, the project would still have exceeded the additional £5,000 town budget allocated to it.

“I’m asking the council to dip into its reserves and have it finished with,” he said.

If approved Coun Beaumont said the equipment could have been ordered within ‘four to six weeks’ and then constructed in the following fortnight.

However, a number of councillors objected to using reserves to pay for the £11,659 shortfall and felt the additional costs should be left until the following year.

Coun Phil Odling said: “I strongly object to taking money out of reserves, we’ve spent a lifetime building the reserves and when they’re gone they’re gone.”

Coun Tony Bailey agreed, saying: “If you’ve not got the money you can’t spend it.”

Coun Odling suggested proceeding with the purchase of the double slide but delaying payment for the carousel until the following financial year in April.

He felt the supplier may be prepared to proceed with the work in its entirety and accept part payment if the rest was assured to follow and if not the carousel could be ordered and paid for as a separate contract.

Coun Beaumont feared this would only prolong an already lengthy procurement process and hoped something more constructive could have been agreed upon.

Although many councillors disagreed with using reserves to pay for the project, there were concerns that separating the contract could jeopardise the ELDC grant, which had been allocated for the project as a whole.

They also felt it would be prudent to check whether the supplier would be prepared to accept part payment for the project if the rest was agreed for April.