Plans for libraries to be revealed on Friday

General News.
General News.

Plans for Lincolnshire’s library service will be published on Friday following a 13-week consultation.

The full details will be released, including revisions to the initial proposals announced earlier this year, following feedback from the recent libraries consultation.

Councillor Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Plans are still being finalised at this stage, but there are key areas being looked at as a result of the feedback we’ve had.

“One thing that was clear was that rural communities valued their mobile service, so the possibility of providing more stops than originally planned is being explored.

“Opening hours are also being reviewed because access to services was seen as important.

“So far we’ve had 42 expressions of interest from local councils, community groups and other organisations willing to take over local libraries or create a brand new community-run facility.”

However campaigner and county councillor Steve Palmer for Alford and Sutton on Sea, says the volunteers have had little choice.

“No expressions of interest would have been forthcoming if the communities were not having their arms twisted up their backs.”

A final decision on the future will be made next month. Visit