Piggy back hero in Skegness made disabled girl’s day

Brooke Gould enjoying a day at the seaside in her wheelchair. ANL-170305-155017001
Brooke Gould enjoying a day at the seaside in her wheelchair. ANL-170305-155017001

A family has praised the staff at a Skegness entertainment centre for making their day by helping a 10-year-old disabled girl.

Dad Jonathan Gould took his daughter, Brooke, and the rest of his family for a Bank Holiday trip to Lucky Strike on Grand Parade.

Brooke has cerebral palsy and relies on a special powered wheelchair to be “her legs”.

Jonathan, of Deeping St James, said: “We generally head to Lucky Strike for dinner after walking around Skegness town or visiting Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells.

“The restaurant is on the second floor and is excellent. We’ve had many a good meal here and then we usually spend the evening winning tickets and cashing them in for prizes.

“Our two kids love it. My 10-year-old daughter is in a powered wheelchair and has Cerebral Palsy, and the whole facility has great access for her.”

However, on Saturday the family found the lift was broken and, with the wheelchair weighing 160kg, feared their hopes had been dashed.

“We thought, oh no, there goes our plans for the afternoon and the evening,” said Jonathan. Yes, there are lots to do in Skegness but this arcade makes our life easier.

“I then watched four burly guys carrying down the stairs a mobility scooter. They had come down from the top floor!

“I approached one of the guys and said we really wanted to use the restaurant and stay here for the evening. I asked if he could help at all. No problem sir, he replied. I carried my daughter up the escalator with a little help from my eldest daughter and got her to the top floor.

“Four guys with no problem at all lifted her powered wheelchair up to the first floor and stored it for us in a locked room while we ate. Amazing!

“Then after our excellent meal the restaurant staff called two security staff to come back up and help us down again to the floor below.

“My daughter wasn’t sure at first but really did enjoy a piggy back ride on the back of the kindest security guard I’ve ever met.

“What a fantastic team of staff! They really couldn’t have gone to any further extremes to help us.

“Even though the lift was operational again when we left they had a lift engineer in the lift with us just in case it went wrong again.

“We left Lucky Strike thanking most of the team that helped us on the way out. Sadly, we didn’t see piggy back security guard.

“All the security team and the restaurant staff were amazing. We were humbled and so very grateful to them all for making us feel valued as customers and we really cannot thank you all enough.”