Petition over fire service plans

Fire and Rescue news.
Fire and Rescue news.

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition against changes to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.

The names were collected by the newly-formed campaign group Defend Our Fire Service in the space of a week.

The group is opposed to a number of proposals contained in the fire service’s Integrated Risk Management Consultation Document, including cuts in firefighter crew levels. It also calls on Lincolnshire County Council to demand more money from Central Government to better support the fire service, with cuts due in 2015/16.

The group hopes to reach 3,500 signatures to allow it to address the full council.

Spokesman Elaine Smith said: “Everyone can play a part in our helping to build our campaign by sharing the e-petitions on social media, or contacting us for copies of the paper petition to sign up their neighbours, colleagues, families and friends.”

An e-petition can be found at

Chief fire officer for the fire service Dave Ramscar said: “Obviously any reduction to the fire service is regrettable; however, we are confident that the proposals being consulted on allow us to achieve the required savings while having the least impact on the overall level of service provided.”