Pet’s tragic end sparks 10k effort to help stray dogs


A Spilsby woman is to run the Lincoln 10k in memory of her late beloved pet dog to raise money for a dog charity.

Ruth Hollingworth, lost Drake, a two-and-a-half year-old Staffordshire Bull terrier, just over a month a go, in a tragic accident when Drake ran off during a walk and was struck by a train at Firsby.

“He was a massive part of our family, our baby really”, said Ruth.

Missing Drake dearly, Ruth, once a keen runner, who used to represent Lincolnshire in cross country, came across Doris Banham Rescue, a charity set up to help unwanted dogs and decided to turn her sad experience into a positive, by raising money for the charity in the road race.

The Doris Banham Rescue works to alleviate the suffering of and rehome lost and abandoned pound dogs, which are due for destruction because they are unclaimed.

The Rescue centre are currently caring for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Hope, who has a gap in her femor and needs a head and neck femoral excision to allow her to live a fulfilling life.

The surgery is going to cost about £600 and Doris Banham have raised around £350 so far. Ruth’s initial aim is to raise the rest of the money for Hope’s surgery and then as much as she can for the charity.

Having not run competitively for around 10 years, Ruth said: “Raising money for Hope has provided me with a goal to run and train in the race and it’s a perfect way to remember Drake.”

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