The great post box robbery of Little Steeping

The post box missing from the old village store at Little Steeping.
The post box missing from the old village store at Little Steeping.

Villagers fuming after their post box was ripped from a property in Little Steeping have been reassured it will be replaced.

The parish council was inundated with complaints when the post box on Main Road was removed from the former village store, the owners of which are currently seeking planning permission for change of use into residential.

It was the only post box in the village for two miles, after birds nested in the other one in the village and it had to be boarded up.

Coun Chris Moore suggested to fellow councillors: "It might be worth informing the paper about the Little Steeping's great Post Box robbery."

The Standard spoke to Little Steeping parish clerk, Sheila Wilson, who said residents were mostly upset because they had not received notification from Royal Mail that it was going to be removed.

"There should have been four weeks' notice but it suddenly it just wasn't there," said Sheila. "Apparently the contractors were told to take it to the Village Hall, but no-one knew anything about it so it was taken away.

"I've since been in touch with Royal Mail and they reassure me it will be replaced within 24 weeks. Matt Warman MP is also looking into it for us as he says something similar happened at Coningsby and it took four years for that one to be replaced."

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “We can confirm the wall-box on Main Road was removed by Royal Mail following a request from the owner of the property.

“Our customers will be pleased to know that we are currently in the process of confirming with the local authority a location for a replacement box to be installed.

“In the meantime, customers can use either of two boxes sited close-by, in Station Road, Little Steeping or Halton Fenside in Great Steeping.”

A mobile Post Office also visits the Village Hall on Thursdays between 10.45am and 11.45am.