Plea to help re-unite photos of dog’s first day at the beach with owner

Andrew Wadhams and his five month old German Shepherd Bertie
Andrew Wadhams and his five month old German Shepherd Bertie

A plea has been made to reunite a dog owner with his camera and more than 10 years’ worth of pictures after it was left behind after he took his pet for their first day on the beach.

Nottinghamshire man Andrew Wadhams, 32, had been out with his family on Sunday, April 10, to Chapel Six Marshes and had taken his five-month old German Shepherd Bertie with them for his first day out on the beach.

However, after a ‘great day’ out taking photos of him running in the sea, they were packing up to leave at about 1.30pm and placed Andrew’s camera on one of the wooden posts in the Anderby Road car park and unfortunately left it behind.

Mr Wadhams, an amateur photographer, says there were thousands of pictures on the memory card that was in the Canon 700GB camera, as well as three other memory cards in the bag which contained more than 10 years’ worth of pictures.

Mr Wadhams said: “Even if we could get just the memory cards back we’d be happy. It’s about the photographs and memories.”

After realising the camera was missing, Mr Wadhams posted what had happened on social media and his appeal was shared nearly 2,000 times.

In his post he wrote: “If any local dog walker or family’s out for the day were there could like and share this! I would be so happy! As we live 80miles away and can not think of any other way of retrieving it. “So sad I’ve lost all our photos of his first day out at the beach!!!”

Mr Wadhams told the Standard he felt the response so far had been ‘amazing’ with local people offering to visit the site and sharing the appeal.

He said: “I can’t really believe the response. Within moments of putting it on I had at least 15 people nipping down to have a look.

“People from local shps have been asking around, I couldn’t ask for a better response.”

Anyone who thinks they may have seen or found the camera can get in touch with Mr Wadhams via his Facebook page, or by calling 07803 363611.