Orby residents: 'We can't face another fly plague'

This number of flies in a few hours 'is not natural' says a resident.
This number of flies in a few hours 'is not natural' says a resident.

Residents in the Orby area are hoping the cooler days will bring them relief from the misery of fighting off a 'plague' flies.

Scores of insects have been seen swarming on to door screens during the summer, waiting for an opportunity to slip though into the kitchen, according one resident, Margaret Cooper.

East Lindsey District Council's environmental team say they have been unable to locate the source of the problem.

However, residents hope officers won't stop looking just because the summer is over to prevent it starting again next May.

"It sounds unbelievable but it's been like something from a horror movie during the summer," said Margaret, of Gunby Road. "Sometimes there have been 30 flies at a time in the kitchen when I have been wanting to start cooking.

"We should not have to swat flies off our food when we are trying to eat."

Other villages including Burgh-le-Marsh, Croft and Hogsthorpe have also been affected, according to neighbour Bev Jones.

"It's been like hell this summer - and there are still flies about, " she said. "You spray one area and then go outside and there are hundreds.

"You could cry - you can't leave windows open or invite anyone around for a meal.

"It's cost a fortune this summer in fly spray, redtops (garden fly catchers) and fly papers. We just want it to end."

Mrs Cooper said this is not the first time villagers have suffered the problem. "For about four years the problem was located to a chicken farm. We were blighted with thousands, yes thousands, of flies," she said.

"The situation got so bad the first time that the council gave us a redtop fly catcher for the garden and fly papers.

"For a couple of years everything was fine but this year it started again.

"We've sent numerous emails to East Lindsey since the problem began in May but nothing seems to have been done.

" We have heard all the excuses as to why this is happening and they have all now worn thin - the farmers are not now harvesting; it is not too wet; it is not to hot.

"Someone is responsible for this and we just want East Lindsey District Council to keep looking for the source so it doesn't happen again next year."

We spoke to East Lindsey District Council and this is what David Dodds, Environmental Health Manager, told us: “East Lindsey District Council has investigated residents’ concerns relating to an increase in flies in Orby and on this occasion a source has not been located.

"There are a number of contributory environmental factors that have combined to lead to this increase, but there is no direct link to a specific local business or farm.”