Octopus and her babies die at Skegness Aquarium

Beanbag the octopus at Skegness Aquarium. EMN-170615-122335001
Beanbag the octopus at Skegness Aquarium. EMN-170615-122335001

An octopus at a Skegness attraction, previously thought to be male, has sadly died after surprising staff by laying hundreds of eggs.

Named Beanbag, the octopus was one of the latest additions at Skegness Aquarium, in Grand Parade.

Staff believed Beanbag, who arrived in February, was male and were surprised when they found 400 eggs in her tank.

However, the story was not expected to have a happy ending - and now the octopus and her babies have died,

There had been signs this would be the outcome. Beanbag had started to refuse food, which is normal behaviour for female octopuses in such circumstances, with them focusing their attention on caring for their eggs to maximise chances of survival.

Supervisor Louise Chapman said the zoo crew did everything in their power to ensure she was comfortable but were not ‘holding their breath’ for many to survive.

Louise said: “Experiments into captive breeding have only achieved a 0.2 per cent survival rate to a maximum of around 60 days.”

Despite this, staff are finding positives. Louise said: “Having young of any species is an occasion for celebration as it shows our zoo crew are succeeding in making our animals happy and healthy in their surroundings.”