Mum’s helmet plea after ‘very lucky’ son escapes injury during car accident

McKenzie Sumner (11) who is lucky to escape serious injury after being hit by a car while riding his scooter?
McKenzie Sumner (11) who is lucky to escape serious injury after being hit by a car while riding his scooter?

A relieved mum ​​said he​r son was “very lucky” to escape serious injury​ after being catapulted into the air by a car while riding his scooter.

Eleven-year-old McKenzie Sumner somersaulted over the top of a car.

McKenzie was riding his push scooter without his helmet at the time on his way to Sainsbury’s to buy chocolate when he crossed the road not realising the vehicle was approaching.

His mum Samantha is now urging parents to make sure their children wear helmets and use crossings where possible.​

She said: “He usually uses the crossing and normally wears a helmet which I’m a little bit mad about.

“He is very, very lucky. I still can’t believe he has no broken bones. He somersaulted really high into the air over the top of it and hit the road with a bang.

“He was knocked out for a bit, we went to hospital and had a CT scan and X-rays but everything was fine.”

​Currently on crutches for a sore knee, McKenzie​ ​said: “I’m OK. I’m just a bit sore. I can’t remember it. The last thing I remember is leaving the house.”

Catering assistant Samantha also praised the quick thinking of McKenzie’s sister Laura (13), who ran to comfort her brother as well as an off-duty policeman who stopped the traffic.

Samantha added: “His sister Laura was brilliant, she was an absolute star to stay so calm in the situation.

“My neighbour rang me to tell me. She just said ‘Sam, McKenzie’s been knocked down’. I just had to get to him. It was a really strange feeling. You just never think that is going to happen to you.

“The ambulance was really quick and fortunately there were two first aiders two cars behind.

​“​I just want to thank everybody who was involved who worked together.

“I feel so sorry for the lady driving the car. It wasn’t her fault.

“He’s been off school but hobbled in on Monday when we went to pick his brother up.

​“​He had a pile of children around him wishing him well which was lovely. The school has been amazing.”