Labrador puppy Jake in line for life-changing role

Jane Moore, of Skegness, with Jake.
Jane Moore, of Skegness, with Jake.

He may be less than two months old, but Labrador puppy Jake is already set on a path that will ‘change a life forever’.

Jane Moore, of Skegness, is donating the tyke to Canine Partners, a charity which trains dogs to help people with disabilities. Jake is part of a litter bred by Jane, who works as an administrator.

In 2012, Jane donated two dogs from another litter from the same mother to Hearing Dogs For Deaf People.

One went to a 10-year-old boy in Dorset, the other to a woman in Northern Ireland.

Describing Jake as ‘very outgoing’ and ‘very responsive’, she said: “I know he is going to go somewhere and he is going to do some good. He is going to help somebody and he is going to have the most wonderful life - they really look after their dogs.”

Canine Partners’ breeding and supply supervisor Sandra Milburn said the charity was ‘delighted’ to welcome Jake.

She said he will be taught social skills, core tasks and basic obedience until he is about 14-months-old, after which his skills will be refined specifically for a disabled person’s needs.

She added: “Once these skills are developed he will be partnered with someone who has a physical disability and transform their life forever carrying out tasks such as picking up dropped items, opening and shutting doors, unloading the washing machine and getting help in an emergency, which they would otherwise find impossible or painful.

“We receive no Government funding and rely solely on donations so we are very grateful to Jane for her generous donation.”