Intrepid duo from Skegness trek Great Wall of China for charity

Maisie Whittam and Sue Tough on the Great Wall of China.
Maisie Whittam and Sue Tough on the Great Wall of China.

Two employees of a Skegness solicitors' firm have begun their journey to China to complete their biggest charity challenge yet - the Great Wall of China trek.

Earlier this year, Maisie Whittam (marketing assistant) and Sue Tough (receptionist) at Hodgkinsons Solicitors, volunteered to participate in the Great Wall of China trek, which was organised by St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire.

The Great Wall of China challenge.

The Great Wall of China challenge.

For eight months staff have been fundraising whilst Maisie and Sue have been training in the run up to the challenge, which started on Saturday..
The trek will take place over five days, for approximately 30 hours, covering over 50 kilometres of rugged and broken terrain.

Due to the mountainous landscape and timeworn construction it has been estimated that trekking one mile will take one hour - and the pair have been sending regular updates back to their colleagues in Skegness.

Solicitor Chloe Chloe Sullivan said: "They are currently half way through the challenge and whilst the trek is more demanding than both of them ever anticipated, they are pulling together as a team and getting through each day.

"In some places they have been walking along unrestored sections of the wall which was short of a meter wide with sheer drops either side.

"I know the trek has, so far, been a very emotional experience for them both and the team at Hodgkinsons are so proud of everything that we have all achieved for St Barnabas throughout this challenge."

Sending messages from the Wall, Sue said: “ What a challenge - I totally underestimated the enormity of what I would be faced with.

"My fantastic teammates are getting me through the day”.

Maisie commented: "The whole challenge is honestly more than I could have ever anticipated”.

Hodgkinsons' initial fundraising goal was £6,250.00 which is a significant amount of money for the charity which will allow them to continue providing care to the local people of Lincolnshire who are living with terminal or life limiting illnesses.

At the start of the walk, through hosting various events such as in-house bake sales and their first ever ‘Summer Charity Ball’, Hodgkinsons raised £7,900 - and the total now stands at £8,032.16.
Sue Tough, Receptionist at Hodgkinsons Solicitors commented: “I hope that by taking part in this challenge we can help to raise awareness of St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire and the fantastic work they do within our local community.

"By raising such a significant amount of money, we can help the charity to deliver palliative care for many years to come.”
Hodgkinsons will be providing more updates throughout their journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you are interested in making a donation visit