Here's how you would spend £25m in Skegness

Following the news the Government intends to invest £25m in Skegness, we asked readers how they would spend the cash.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 1:48 pm
Graham Cummings

Here are just a few of the replies:

Graham Cummings: " I would like to see a marina being built near lagoon walk, including a long pier to walk along and tether boats to go fishing."

Mat Clay: "More money should spent on keeping the streets clean and helping the homless. if there is any money left over the pavements and the roads all need redoing."

Mat Clay

Susie Rose: "Clean the boating lakes of algae and regally clean the seating area shelters by the sea front as they smell of wee."

Susan Fidler: " Would be nice to boat trips out to sea like Bridlington they have a pirate boat and a big speed boat that takes people for rides on the sea."

Diane Rogerson: "A nice path at the back of the golf club so you can walk or bike from Skegness to Winthorpe on the front. "

Christopher Cox; "Repair the pot holes,the roads are an absolute disgrace."

Susie Rose

Chris Biggins: "Change the proposed design for the promenade and replace it with ditching the railings cutting off the sand and building better shelters to replace the ones currently there. The marina idea is also excellent as it would tidy up a messy area and also extend the resort to the south shore."

Susan Fidler:
Diane Rogerson
Christopher Cox;