Eileen set to call it a day after 32 years

Stepping down ... Eileen Chantry.
Stepping down ... Eileen Chantry.

After more than three decades as a local correspondent, Burgh le Marsh’s Eileen Chantry is stepping down from the role.

Eileen, 74, became a local correspondent in January 1986, writing initially for the Skegness News and then, following its takeover in 2001, the Skegness Standard. She took a break in 2003, but, within a year, had been asked to return.

Eileen says she has seen many changes over the years, from the days of using a type writer and having to take the editorial into the office.

This would see her, when reviewing a show on a Sunday night, sitting in the Embassy car park with a portable typewriter on her lap, typing the review, and then posting the completed item through the office letterbox ready for Monday’s 10am deadline.

Eileen began taking photos for the paper on a regular basis in 1997, and was given a press camera and sent on a photographic course.

Of her time as a correspondent, she said: “I have enjoyed the work immensely and there have been many perks, such as press seats for shows and the opportunity to photograph and interview a number of stars, as well as invitations to receptions and the opportunity to cover the visit to Spilsby by Princess Alexandra.”

However, she added, there have been downsides too, such as the outdoor events in bad weather.

She said: “One event that stands out is being asked to go up in a helicopter to take some aerial shots. This was terrifying as I don’t have a head for heights and when the doors of the helicopter were removed to allow a better view for photographing I thought my end had come.”

She admitted afterwards it was a wonderful experience.

Eileen said she was grateful to all those people who have supplied her with information over the years enabling her to cover such a wide range of events and gave additional thanks to the editors and reporters over the years and Sylvia Blight, of the Burgh web page.

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