County winner set for Miss Great Britain

Miss Lincolnshire winner Jessica Jones (centre)
Miss Lincolnshire winner Jessica Jones (centre)

A trainee beauty therapy teacher has been crowned Miss Lincolnshire – and will now represent the county at the Miss Great Britain final.

Jessica Jones, 21, was left in tears of happiness when she was told she had won the regional final .

“I actually cried when they told me I had won. It’s such a great honour to represent Lincolnshire,” she said.

As part of the final, Jessica had to parade in three rounds, one of them a recycled dress round, where Jessica wore a self-designed dress made from her nan’s old clothing.

“I really wanted her to be here with me, even though unfortunately she’s no longer with us,” she said. “Hopefully now I have made her proud by winning the title.”

Jessica splits her time between her family homes in Chapel St Leonards and Sheffield. She made it through to the Great Britain final last year, respresenting Sheffield, which she described as “nerve-racking, but amazing”.

“It gave me the buzz of wanting come back and try again,” she said.

“But this time I wanted to represent my other home of Chapel St Leonards, so I feel on top of the world to have the opportunity of doing so.”

Speaking about a medical condition she is battling, she added: “On my day-to-day basis I just try to keep myself positive, as I have Crohn’s Disease and Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome – but I just get on with whatever life throws at me.”

The Miss Great Britain final takes place in Leiscester on September 23.