COMMUNITY AWARDS: Wainfleets2gether helped to transform the community

Paul Clark of Wainfleets2gether. Photo by Mel Nader
Paul Clark of Wainfleets2gether. Photo by Mel Nader

Paula Clark, chairman of Wainfleets2gether, was awarded in the Bringing Communities Together category for her work to transform the community and bring people of all walks of life together.

Speaking after collecting her award, she said: “That was a complete shock - I didn’t expect that at all.

“I was up against quite a lot of other good people so this really means alot.”

She spoke about the huge amount of support she’s had from the Connecting Communities programme (C2) set up by OBE Hazel Stutely at Exeter University in the 1990s, who ‘started us on the road’.

“It’s been a hard slog but without them we couldn’t have made it happen,” she added. “They’re amazing people.”

Paula has brought the communities of Wainfleet All Saints and Wainfleet St Mary together.

With no previous experience, she embarked upon a journey that started in Exeter, learning about the C2 method of building up a sense of community.

She brought it back to the Wainfleets and with the support of a very resourceful group of volunteer committee members, started up listening events to find out what the residents wanted to see in their community before 
putting those actions into place.

At their recent first birthday party many organisations, groups and residents turned out, showing how much of a difference they have already made and they have lots of projects to come.

To get involved in the group email wainfleets2geth