COMMUNITY AWARDS: Skegness Live and Learn

Maggie Gray. Photo by Mel Nader.
Maggie Gray. Photo by Mel Nader.

Skegness Live and Learn MakeitFit, run by seamstress Maggie Gray, picked up the Bert Shaw Award for Innovative Project.

Maggie and her colleagues provide training to allow people to carry out ‘make do and mend’ clothing alterations, particularly trying to reach those in financial hardship.

So successful has this been that classes now run twice a-week, and from February, the range of events will broaden to a ‘Make It Grow’ group - showing how to grow your own food in pots and containers - and ‘Make It Safe’, offering hints and tips to keep people safe in their own homes.

The group is described as a great way for people to socialise and learn life skills.

After picking up her award, Maggie said: “I’m on top of the world. I never ever thought in a million years that starting something just two months ago was going to finish up with this award.”