A ‘novel’ place for a proposal in Skegness

Looking ahead to a new chapter ... Jeoff and Joanne.
Looking ahead to a new chapter ... Jeoff and Joanne.

File this one under romance – the tale of a Skegness man who proposed and became engaged to his girlfriend at the resort’s library.

Jeoff Skinner, 44, surprised staff, customers, and – most importantly – his then girlfriend and now fiancée, Joanne Fudge, 41, when he popped the question to her at Skegness Library last Friday.

Jeoff Skinner with fianc�e Joanne Fudge.

Jeoff Skinner with fianc�e Joanne Fudge.

Romantic Jeoff, a regular user of the library, in Roman Bank, had been looking for a special place to propose to Joanne, of Mablethorpe.

The couple met through a mutual friend six months ago and ‘hit if off straight away’, as Jeoff put it.

Inspiration for the proposal came in the shape of the library for, as Jeoff explained, Joanne can ‘read him like a book’.

“She can always read my mind,” he said.

This certainly appeared to be the case just days earlier as Joanne asked Jeoff when he was going to propose to her – getting the reply ‘wait and see’.

Jeoff donned a three-piece suit with bow tie for last Friday’s proposal, giving Joanne a clue a twist in the tale could soon be on its way. The reveal, however, still came a surprise.

“I was shocked,” Joanne said of the proposal. “I started crying as soon as he did it.”

The couple have seen news of their engagement attract messages of congratulations following posts from the library service about it online.

“It’s unbelievable how much feedback we have got. We feel like royalty at the moment. We didn’t expect this,” he said. “I have people coming up to me I don’t even know wishing us congratulations.”

In Joanne, Jeoff said he has met ‘the love of his life’, with Joanne adding: “I’m glad I’m going to be married to him soon.”

Sarah Broome, manager of Skegness Library, said: “We were delighted to host the big moment for Jeoff and Joanne. We congratulate them both on their engagement. It was certainly a ‘novel’ idea to propose in the library - now we are waiting to see where they ‘book’ their big day.”

And if anyone was wondering because he was in a library at the time, no, Jeoff did not whisper the proposal, and while applause followed Joanne’s ‘yes’, there were no calls to ‘shush’.