Pedestrians ‘at risk’ on Skegness High Street

Skegness High Street
Skegness High Street

A councillor has claimed that lives are being put at risk by vehicles on Skegness’ High Street.

Skegness town councillor Malcolm Grabbitas said that drivers routinely ignore no entry restrictions and is calling for more enforcement action to deal with the issue.

Vehicles are currently prevented from accessing the High Street between 11am and 6pm from May to September.

Speaking at a recent Skegness Town Council meeting Coun Grabbitas said: “Cars are going down day after day. There was a woman with a pushchair and a car missed her by a fraction.

“How long will it be before someone is killed or injured?”

He added: “Drivers are ignoring the signs that no vehicles are allowed, surely that is an offence.”

Inspector Andy Morrice told the meeting that officers had not received any complaints on the issue from members of the public.

He added: “The summer closure notice came into force in 1994. Enforcement action would have to apply to business owners who do not have a permit.”

Coun Trevor Burnham said that holidaymakers were often not aware the road was closed and no-entry signs needed to be biggers so drivers were aware the restrictions were in place.

Coun Darrell Blackburn argued that tables and chairs outside cafes and restaurants were creating and additional hazard.

He said: “Pedestrians have got nowhere to walk with shops now allowed to put seating on what is the pavement.

“Where are people supposed to walk when there is no pavement left.”

Highways manager Andrew Ratcliffe said:“The decision we made did allow a small amount of tables and chairs onto the footway after the 11am closure.

“The problem is policing that. We don’t have resources to keep on their backs the whole time.”