Parked police car sparks anger in Skegness

A parked police car on Lumley Road sparged outcry among passersby.
A parked police car on Lumley Road sparged outcry among passersby.

A police car parked on a ‘loading only’ section of a busy Skegness street sparked uproar among several passing pedestrians this morning.

Although a police spokesperson has since explained the PCSOs were responding to reports of shoplifting at Peacocks, two passersby were initially angered by the apparent flouting of the rules.

Sean Booth, who said one of the PCSOs had penalised him three driving points for parking in the same spot on Lumley road last year, felt it was unfair they could get away with something he had been punished for.

“It’s one rule for us and another for them,” he said.

Chapel Point resident Grem Francis was also angered when he saw the PCSOs’ car parked-up in a manner which would be deemed an offence for ordinary motorists.

“It’s totally unethical,” he said.

“Whether they were shopping or on a call to take a report about something, they shouldn’t have been there.”

“They should have an ‘on-call’ sign displayed to stop people like me getting annoyed.”

Mr Francis also believes PCSOs should be on foot rather than in vehicles to improve the force’s visible presence.

“I live at Chapel Point and they are never out of the car - they don’t stop and talk to anyone and that was the whole point of PCSOs,” he said.

A police spokesperson explained that the force insists strongly that all its officers adhere to the same rules as normal civilians, unless there are urgent requirements not to.

“We try to avoid having one rule for us and another for everybody else but there are times when operations require us to get to a premises as quickly as possible and on those occasions we sometimes have to park where we wouldn’t ordinarily do so,” they said.

“In Skegness they are particularly hot on it because they used to spend so much time on traffic enforcement so it would look two faced if we were parking where we shouldn’t.”