Parachute jump for sick children

A MOTHER of two young boys took her first sponsored parachute jump to help make the wish of children fighting life-threatening illnesses come true.

Jane Fitzpatrick leapt 12,000 feet from a plane on Sunday to raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation charity after deciding to do something worthwhile during her 40th year.

So far she has raised more than £400 but is hoping to reach £1,000 from friends family and supporters of the cause.

She said: “Make A Wish are an inspirational charity, what they do is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time - you are devastated for the children but over the moon when you hear they have been given a lasting memory.

“Being a mum with two young children, but for the grace of God, you never know what tomorrow might bring.

“I was hoping to raise £1,000 but despite asking all my friends on facebook and putting up posters I’ve only managed £400 so I’m still asking for people to dig deep.”

Jane was originally scheduled to jump on May 29, the day before her birthday, but had to postpone when she broke her coccyx.

She was given a last minute offer to jump at Peterborough Sibson Airfield on Sunday and despite a slight sense of trepidation at its short notice, took to the skies to make the leap.

“The only word to describe the jump is just ‘wow’,” she said.

“My ears popped because we were falling at 120mph but it was incredibly liberating - you got a great feeling of freedom because there was nothing around other than the clouds and the wind.

“And when the parachute opened it was very serene and beautiful - it felt just like being a bird.”

Aside from leaping out of moving planes, Jane also runs two taxi companies in the Skegness area, Red Cabs and Red Bus. She also finds time to perform as a singer under the stage name of Billie Munro at Butlins, The Embassy Theatre and the Richmond Centre.

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