Pantomime society back after 12 years

A RENOWNED amateur dramatics group is preparing to take the stage for its first production in over 12 years.

Spilsby Local Amateur Pantomime Society (SLAPS) have reunited with members old and new to perform their self-penned production - Jack Bean and the Vegetable Plot.

Director and playwright Mike Morgan explained: “For the past 12 years we’ve been unable to find a suitable venue, but with Spilsby Theatre under new management we’ve been able to resume our association with it.

“We’ve got a cast featuring some of the old stalwarts along with some very new faces that have not performed in a pantomime before but are so good that I don’t think any audience member would be able to tell the old from the new. The play is loosely based on Jack and the Beanstalk but anyone who has seen my previous pantomimes should know that I don’t adhere to the traditional storyline.

“It’s full of double meaning, calls of ‘he’s behind you’ and all of the usual pantomime devices but if anyone wants to find out any more they should come along to see the show.

“There’s something for everyone - a pantomime for children of all ages.”

The cast features some familiar faces including the Mayor of Spilsby Coun Michael Lenton as the roguish King G and Father Peter Coates as Oz Fourpack along with dozens of other talented local thespians.

It is the sort of engaging production that Jane Scott and Bruce Knight have been encouraging ever since they began their roles at Spilsby Theatre more than a year ago.

Though Jane and Bruce are both enthused at the increasing levels of community engagement with the theatre, they are still in desperate need of more funds to carry out vital roof repairs.

“It’s absolutely essential we raise the money to make the building watertight and solve the dry rot problem - it’s totally deadly and can sweep through a building.”

Thanks to a successful run of their own pantomime production of Cinderella in the lead up to Christmas and a £650 donation from Spilsby Town Council, the required total has been approaching steadily.

To ensure repairs can be carried out before the dry rot causes irrevocable damage, Jane has urged for audiences to come and see some of the diverse and eclectic shows on offer.

Jack Bean and the Vegetable Plot begins on Friday with a 2.30pm school’s matinee special followed by 7.30pm evening performances on Wednesday, February 15 through to Saturday, February 18 with an additional 2.30pm matinee on the Saturday. Tickets are available from Pedigree Corner, Spilsby. There is also a ‘Fruity Jam’ music session on February 25 and a Bossa Nova band playing on April 14. Visit for details