Palms Tai Chi awards

A number of the Palms Tai Chi Club’s members received awards at the group’s latest meeting on Monday (June 3).

The awards were as follows:- Philip Watson, Orange - Bo-Staff, Orange - Sword and Blue Sash; Bob Price, Keith Meakin, Irene Jephcott, Orange - Sword Badge and Blue Sash; Julie Watson and Shelagh Price, Blue Sash; Christine Dale and Terry Cross, White Sash.

Glennis Rogerson was also presented with her Black - Ribbon and Ruler stripes, Blue - Bo-staff and Sword Stripes. She also gained an award for her knowledge of Chinese Movement and Tai chi Chu’an. These are in preparation for the taking of her Second Dan later in June.

The Bo-staff, Ribbons, Sword, Ruler and Nunchuck weapons have their own gradings of Orange, Blue and Black. Stripes are sewn on to the sash. Bob Price, Keith Meakin and Julie Watson have all received their Assistant Leaders Badge.

Many members are now getting ready to take more senior grades and are learning Mandarin, Chinese Cooking, Chinese Art and other skills ready for their sashes.

The club meets on Mondays at the County Hotel in Skegness from 10am-11.30am and costs £2 a week. For details go to or 01754 610726.