Pagoda will look peaceful

A CONTEMPLATIVE area in Chapel St Leonards Cemetery for bereaved relatives to leave ornaments in memory of their loved ones has been labelled an unsightly ‘bus stop’.

Chapel St Leonards Parish Council commissioned the concrete pagoda to be built as a compromise to allow those who wished to leave ornaments to do so without upsetting the ambience of the cemetery for those who preferred it to remain uncluttered.

Parish clerk Mike Green said: “We wanted to take a sympathetic approach to the wishes of the bereaved while maintaining order in the cemetery.”

Since its construction, cemetery visitors have complained to the parish council about the appearance of the concrete structure which has become known as the ‘cemetery bus stop’. Councillors discussed the issue during a council meeting last Monday and were assured that over time it would blend into the surroundings and become less aesthetically abrasive.

Mr Green added: “Once it’s got creepers and vines growing on it it’s going to look far more peaceful and harmonious.”