‘Our homes are shaking - help us’: Plea from homeowners on Skegness coast

Homes that are said to ‘shake’ along the Skegness coast are driving residents mad - but there is no sign of a solution in the short-term.

It’s almost a year since a Skegness couple complained to The Standard about suffering sleepless nights because of tremors in their house on Roman Bank caused by heavy vehicles driving over a pothole at the access to Fenland Laundry.

Every time a big bus goes by my bungalow shakes. It frightens me.

Tracey Anns of Skegness

According to the couple, the problem was so bad lamps fell off the bedside table, aftershave could be seen swishing about in bottles in the bathroom, pictures fell off walls and tiles fell off the 

But it seems, in spite of complaints to Lincolnshire County Council highways, nothing was done. The couple moved out and now more residents are complaining about their homes vibrating – not only in Skegness but also, by coincidence, in Chapel St Leonards.

Tracey Anns, who lives in Roman Bank a few doors away from the original couple who complained said the problem had got much worse since Christmas.

She said: “I’ve had huge cracks appear in my ceiling since Christmas. Every time a big bus goes by my bungalow shakes. It frightens me. I love my bungalow - I was only able to buy it after my dad died and I really don’t want it collapsing.

“I’ve spoken to neighbours and they are affected too.”

Nick Gould, who moved with his family from Sleaford into the original property where the problem was highlighted, said: “It’s still shaking.

“It’s particularly bad in my daughter’s room. When a vehicle goes by you can see the wardrobe move. But we are getting used to it.”

In Chapel St Leonards, John Webb lives in a row of bungalows in South Road, and has just put his property up for sale.

However, he says he doesn’t hold much hope of success.

Mr Webb, who bought his bungalow 16 years ago, explained: “Whenever a bus goes past all the bungalows along here vibrate. My bungalow really shakes - you wonder what’s happening.

“We’ve put the problem down to where the road sinks in a side road next to the bungalows being filled with a load of asphalt – like filling a pothole.

“I complained to Lincolnshire County Council and they initially told me to get a structural engineer out.

“But there’s nothing wrong with the properties.

“Now, they tell me they are not doing anything about it. In the summer there are buses going by here every 10 minutes. It’s unbearable.”

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