Opportunities are ‘enormous’ for Skegness, says Premier Inn developer

Skegness beach. ANL-160726-113853001
Skegness beach. ANL-160726-113853001

The boss of the company developing a Premier Inn in Skegness says he is confident the resort has a bright future and can be a ‘coastal powerhouse’.

In an exclusive message to the town following a report by the British Hospitality Association (BHA), Richard Morton, director KCS Developments, said: “Can Skegness be a ‘coastal powerhouse’? Absolutely it can.

These are real examples of investment lining up in Skegness

Richard Morton, director KCS Developments

“Our plans for Pier Field demonstrate that successful businesses do want to invest in Skegness. Looking at other successful coastal towns across the country, the opportunities are enormous.”

Mr Morton said in spite of the BHA report highlighting the significant challenges facing resorts following ‘a legacy of under-investment’, he was pleased it branded the British coastline as ‘a national asset with great 

He said: “This is something I absolutely agree with. While the report is positive, it is also realistic as coastal communities are facing a number of significant challenges at the moment.

“According to the BHA, coastal communities are more likely to suffer from above average unemployment; there is a legacy of under-investment in many coastal towns; and potential visitors are being put off by the perception that trips to British seaside resorts are expensive and don’t deliver the same value as other locations.

“The quality of accommodation is also a factor, with the report stating that almost half of the public cite ‘poor accommodation options’ as a problem in visiting the coast.”

The Pier Field development also seeks to bring a KFC drive-thru to the resort.

Mr Morton said: “Skegness is one of the UK’s most iconic seaside resorts and the town’s residents, businesses and council are all dedicated to ensuring its future success.

“We have submitted a planning application to bring two leading businesses to the town and proposals to extensively redevelop the Skegness Pavilion were also announced this summer. These are real examples of investment lining up in Skegness and ones that will create new jobs – approximately 90 at Pier Field alone – and support the local economy.”

He added: “To attract people, we need to offer a range of accommodation options and our existing venues and attractions need support to entice the best shows and conferences. Our proposals for Pier Field will help with both and, if successful, I am certain our development will create the confidence to entice other investors to invest in Skegness.”

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