Open verdict on Spilsby man’s death

AN ELDERLY man of German decent was found dead in his bed at his Spilsby home but an open verdict was made regarding his death.

Mr Horst Pieter Wolters, then 85 of Willoughby Drive, Spilsby, had been living in the area for many years after originally living in East Germany an inquest was told at the former Louth Magistrates’ Court, last Thursday.

Mr Wolters was said to have had dinner with neighbours on Monday, March 20, and was in good spirts but on Friday, March 23 enquiries were made after he had not been seen.

Mr Wolters was then found in his bed, where the newspaper he had been reading was still propped open upon him.

A note, written by Mr Wolters in capital letters, was left on the kitchen table where it read, “I’ve had enough, be glad for me.”

A neighbour who had been holidaying, said in a statement that they felt Mr Wolters had never indicated he intended to take his own life.

Empty tablet packets were found in the bin and others in a kitchen cabinet.

In a statement, Dr O’Kelly of Spilsby surgery, said he had known Mr Wolters and he had seen him on numerous occasions over the last 10 years.

Dr O’Kelly said Mr Wolters had a number of operations and treatments for the colon, a hernia problem, an abscess and he was later diagnosed with a mild form of Chroens Disease.

Mr Wolters had been prescribed painkillers for his problems and medication for the Chroens Disease.

In a postmortem report, Mr Wolters was found to have an enlarged prostrate and in a toxicology report, he was found to have the prescribed drugs at higher levels which could have caused a cardiac arrest through overdose.

Deputy Coroner Mr Richard Marshall said that he thought there was some degree of self harm but couldn’t be satisfied that Mr Wolters had intended to take his own life and gave an open verdict decision.