On the hunt for clues to unlock story of village

Sutterby, Lincolnshire.
Sutterby, Lincolnshire.

A team of volunteers are on the hunt for clues that could unlock the key to the story of a lost Lincolnshire village.

Little known Sutterby is a small hamlet close to Langton-by-Spilsby and Harrington.

Today, there is a small church, an overgrown churchyard and a handful of houses but at one time it was believed to be a thriving community of around 200-300 people.

Now the Spirit of Sutterby project group is trying to find out more about the forgotten village and has had more than 100 volunteers getting involved.

David Start, a retired archaeologist and former director of the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire, is part of the project steering group. He said: “This is one of Lincolnshire’s deserted villages.

“There are a lot of questions. We believe that people have been living in the area since 4,000 BC but the village itself has a Viking name which means ‘Shoe Makers’.

“We have been through the Lincolnshire Archives and found information from the 1500s which tells us more about the people who would have lived in the village.

“We’ve also arranged field walking trips and have found bits of old and broken pottery which date back to the Medieval and Saxon times.

“Things cool off for the village around the 1500s - but we don’t think this is through plague; we think more when arable farming changed to sheep farming.”

Project coordinator Denise Wheatley said: “We know that hundreds of Lincolnshire people will have visited and photographed Sutterby’s charming church through the years and we would very much like to copy their pictures and create a timeline of old photographs.

“There may also be people with memories of Sutterby families or happenings and we are keen to record their memories.”

More information about the project can be found at the website www.spiritof