Olympic lighting technology for coastal resort

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A COASTAL theme park has implemented new environmentally friendly lighting technology, as used in the Olympic Stadium, to create ‘amazing effects in seconds’.

Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells recently installed the innovative RGB LED lighting to illuminate its iconic Pyramid and external rides.

Working with specialists in carbon footprint reduction SaveMoneyCutCarbon.com, the park’s management realised the traditional light bulbs previously used were wasting 90 per cent of their energy and therefore eagerly embraced the new technology.

General manager Ron Searle said: “When we saw the amazing effects that the new LED technology could bring to us, for a fraction of the energy consumed by our existing lighting, the project seemed so logical - amazing lighting effects that can be seen for miles while helping us with out commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of the park.”

The cutting edge technology was witnessed the world over during the 2012 Games and its spectacular opening and closing ceremonies.

Adam Garton, who managed the installation and now runs the new lighting said: “This is the very latest technology in LED lighting as used at the Olympics and allows us to control the lights across he park using wireless technology, directly from my PC or even and iPhone - we can create amazing effects in seconds.”