Old ‘Jolly Fisherman design’ set to stay

The Jolly Fisherman situated inside the railway station.
The Jolly Fisherman situated inside the railway station.
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AFTER months of indecision and criticism over a potential new design for the iconic Jolly Fisherman, town councillors have now voted to keep the traditional ‘railway station statue’.

At the latest Skegness Town Council meeting last week, Coun Steve Kirk accused the council of going ‘round in circles’ over the issue and suggested the current statue at the Skegness station had greeted visitors for many years and it was part of the town’s heritage.

He said the town had ‘lost part of its heritage’ when part of the station was knocked down and the current statue was a part of that.

“There have been no health and safety issues and the [statue’s] throat could be repaired,” he said.

The brass spade could be replaced as Coun Kirk felt the statue had ‘serviced the town very well’. He added: “Let’s go with this one”.

Many councillors were supportive of Coun Kirk during the meeting last Wednesday, but other councillors challenged Coun Kirk and suggested the council should go back to the five points it had recommended about the design in the first meeting on August 1 when Lincolnshire County Council members revealed a potential new design for the statue.

Councillors were highly critical of the early designs, describing the Jolly Fisherman impression as a ‘gargoyle’ who was ‘cold and un-welcoming’.

However, Coun Steve O’Dare supported Coun Kirk but suggested, rather than putting forward a proposal that the council use the current statue, which has been said to be in a fragile and un-repairable state, that they should look to have a model made to replicate its design if the old ‘weathered’ statue could not be used.

“If the Jolly Fisherman can not be repaired in such a state then replace it with an identical one - that’s every angle covered,” said Coun O’Dare.

Town Clerk Steve Larner, confirmed that the suggestion to use the old design would be in keeping with the proposals made on August 1 and the council were fine to do so.

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