Vicky sheds 17 inches in hair-raising charity fundraiser

A skegness woman took to The Barber’s chair hairdressers on Roman Bank this afternoon to have 17 inches of her hair cut off in aid of Charity.

Vicky Morgan, 24, was inspired by a young 9-year-old boy who died just before his 10th birthday from cancer in her former neighbourhood in Leicestershire, when she was just a teen.

Vicky Morgan cut off 17 inches of hair for Little Princess Trust.

Vicky Morgan cut off 17 inches of hair for Little Princess Trust.

Remembering him recently, when it would have been his 17th birthday, Vicky decided she wanted to help and found the charity the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children who have lost hair through ilness.

On Thursday Vicky had her long locks shorn by owner of The Barber’s Chair Sarah Howland.

Vicky, who has raised over £200 so far with more donations still to come in, aims to raise a total of £350, which is the cost of a real hair wig, as well as donating her hair to the charity to be made into a hairpiece.

“Vicky said: “I just wanted to do something in his memory to help children like him suffering from cancer.”

Vicky’s mother, Michelle Morgan, who began to get a little emotional when vicky’s hair was been cut, said: “I know she’s 24, but I’m really proud of what Vicky’s done, she’s a really thoughtful person and it’s just a kind thing to do.”

The Little Princess Trust provides free real hair wigs to boys and girls who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other ilnesses, such as alopecia.

It receives no formal funding and relies on the efforts of volunteers like Vicky.

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