Money and kisses help support local man

The 'girls' on their night out.
The 'girls' on their night out.

There were some interesting sights in Skegness on Friday night, as a group of friends raised money for a friend who is a regular visitor to the Manhattan Bar at Skegness Pier - by dressing up as women.

The money raised was to allow the man, who has fallen into ill health recently, to embark on a short trip to Whitby, in order to get some much needed respite and relaxation.

Some male friends got together and planned their unusual night out in which they donned high heels, lipstick and skimpy dresses for the good cause.

The ‘Ladies’ raised a healthy sum on the night as the men bribed charitable donors with the phrase: “money or a kiss”.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, call event organiser, Paul Groves on 07818 653359.